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Go west, young man

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Scrivner is one of those rare prisoners who nearly everyone agrees is serving too much time for her crime.

Obama plans clemency for hundreds of drug offenders - Yahoo News

Not so “rare” …other than that this is a very well-done article on one of the biggest and most obvious injustices in the world today: a completely broken American criminal justice system. There is no legitimate reason that the U.S. should be on top of this list:


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Why is culture so important to a business? Here is a simple way to frame it. The stronger the culture, the less process a company needs … Ever notice how families or tribes don’t require much process? That is because there is such a strong trust and culture that it supersedes any process.
Don’t Fuck Up the Culture — Medium

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The Best Venture Capitalists Harvest Optionality

1. Risk: future states of the world known and probabilities of those future states known. An example of a something involving risk would be roulette.

2. Uncertainty: future states of the world known, but probabilities of those future states are not known.

3. Ignorance: future states of the world unknown, probabilities therefore not computable.

(Source: 25iq.com)

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large distributed networks that we rely upon will change. Starting with the Internet, they will become de-centralized market economies, far more intelligent than they are today. Just as human brains co-evolved with our ability to trade and exchange goods with people who weren’t related to us, so the network will become more intelligent as it learns to trade currency and contracts with unrelated nodes.
@naval on cryptocurrencies, The Fifth Protocol | Startup Boy