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Go west, young man

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First create a bachelor of laws degree: that is, revive the L.L.B. Start with an elite school that has no law school, like Dartmouth, Brown or Amherst. Four years of schooling with two summers of internship.

Start with the current law school core curriculum, then add an intensive course on drawing legal documents and briefs. Any remaining credit hours could be filled as electives so long as they are approved by the student’s law program mentor, who would be assigned to the student upon acceptance into the program.

It would means fewer student loans, an upgrade of academic discipline in nonscience courses in college and recognition that the liberal arts degree has already abandoned the traditional canon.

Starting Out - The Lawyer’s Apprentice - NYTimes.com

An excellent prescription in the NYT letters column. Consensus seems to be forming around killing the 3rd year of law school, but there’s more than enough time in four years of undergrad to conquer all the law you need to get going. And there’d still be plenty of time for the diluted liberal arts education that’s standard fair in colleges today.